Through The Lens

I love capturing moments through my camera. Piecing them together to create a story is what I like to do in my spare time.

Camera: Sony A6000

If I were to define Japan, it would be a mixture of the old and the new. A country where culture and innovation are equally important to their people. This might be the reason why Japan is growing at an electric pace. The Land of the Rising Sun is always a great place to visit and its beauty is truly infinite. Here is a short video I made of our journey last November. Enjoy!

Camarines Sur & Albay: The Sands of Caramoan

Our family went for a vacation in Camarines Sur and Albay in the Philippines. We had a lovely time and met a lot of good people. Caramoan is a place filled with wonderful beaches. I find it quite amazing that we have so much more to discover in this beautiful place we call home.

Japan In Focus

One of the most memorable trips so far. I love everything about Japan! The food, places, culture, weather, and especially the people. They welcomed us wholeheartedly and we cannot thank them enough for joining us in our adventure. Here's a tribute that I made to commemorate this wonderful trip.

154 Seconds Of Singapore!

Our family spent the holidays in Singapore last December. I recently got hold of a camera so I thought, why not shoot a couple of clips?

Nature's Beauty

It's always great to come home to Los Baños where I can freely breathe. In my Mom's little garden, I'm surrounded by the colors of nature. I couldn't let this moment pass without capturing this beauty.

Night Walker

Shot a couple of clips as I was walking home from the office. The combination of the camera and the lens is outstanding! The flares produced are a bit odd though because of the lens but it's all good.

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