windmills of my mind

About the project

This is for an upcoming blog for scientists, business and world leaders. I designed the logo and social media banners.

About the blog

Description from the client:

This brand is for a blog designed to re-evaluate assumptions in our society, ranging from Einstein's theory of relativity, to energy use and consumption, environmentalism, politics, schooling, and general musings on cross related topics. The goal of the blog is to spark debate, challenge assumptions, and open a reader's mind to new perspectives.

Although the blog will be open to the public at large, the target audience and membership will be composed of company executives, scientists, policy makers, philanthropists, etc.

The authors within the blog range from software CEOs to scientists to artists to home schooling advocates.


Design Process


For this logo, I incorporated the elements of a windmill and combined them with science. According to the project brief, it has to evoke a continual process of thought maturation. The constant recycling and reviewing of thoughts and assumptions.

All of these can be demonstrated in the spinning cycle of a windmill. That is why I incorporated a circular motion in the design of the logo.

Pillars of learning

The circles represent ideas and people. The 1/3 circular lines can be the transfer of one thought to another. While the four yellow center circles are the pillars of learning. They are: learning to know, learning to do, learning to be, and learning to live together. The goals of the project are to spark debate, challenge assumptions, and open a reader's mind to new perspectives. For those to happen, they have to constantly learn.

Test tube

Aside from the propeller, I placed an object in the form of a test tube in place for the body of the windmill. So it's like a convergence of thoughts with science and experimentation. There were several options but in the end, the client went for the version in the far right of the image below.

Color Palette

I based the colors on the brief which stated green and yellow. Green for growth, harmony and success. Yellow for energy, intellect, fun and youth.


I used Montserrat for this. Both bold and regular weights.

Social Media Banners

The project also required the creation of social media banners. There were three in total and below is the main graphic. 


The image below is for the purpose of visualising how the logo would look like inside the blog.